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Welcome to the Qlik Dev Group website!

The Qlik Developer’s Group is just what it sounds like. It is a forum for QlikView and Qlik Sense developers of all levels to learn from and engage with senior industry folk and each other. Qlik are very good at holding customer and partner events, but what about those technologists who have to make the system actually work for our clients or employers!? We are key to the ongoing success of the products yet we have been under-represented by Qlik to date.

So when, in September 2014 in London, Matt said to Jason he wanted to put together a group to share challenges and solutions, Jason jumped in with both feet. They were joined by DV, and just 2 months later the inaugural Qlik Dev Group meeting took place. From 20 invited attendees in the Qlik City of London offices to just under 100 attendees for the London April 2016 event, the growth in enthusiasm has been incredible to see. And now we’re international (see map)!

Qlik Dev Group events are sessions (usually evenings after work) dedicated to engage with the architects, developers, technical BAs and PMs actually involved in onsite implementations. We are independent from Qlik, but very well supported by them. Qlik’s top people have flown in to present to us on a range of topics – all with a technical bias and relevant to us. The September 2015 London event saw all three of the new Developer Relations Team present mind-blowing stuff to a packed room and before that the legend to us devs that is Henric Cronström gave us a fascinating history of QV from version 1!

Just as important as attracting leading industry figures, we encourage the Qlik dev community to share with each other. We have all had good ideas, but how often are they the same ones? Why not share them in an open and informal (but structured) setting, while eating pizza and drinking beer? We have had some wonderful presentations to date; not all snazzy front-end graphics, but as much back-end tips and tricks to provide real help to us all in our daily work.

Mission Statements

To create an international organisation that engages and represents Qlik technologists, enhancing their knowledge with technical presentations from industry leaders and members of the community, ultimately improving the quality of Qlik product delivery across the globe.

To always know where Qlik’s “head is at”.

To provide feedback to Qlik on both product and company process. (And be listened to.)

To eat pizza and drink beer in an honest setting that is totally free from any salesy cr*p…

Our Modus Operandi

  • QDG Ltd (a VAT registered company in the UK) with 3 listed Directors (currently Jason, Matt and Richard)
  • Simple flat leadership of active QlikView developer(s) in each region, nominated and elected annually by previous attendees
  • Events targeted for every 2 or 3 months
  • Attendees are developers and others with a technical involvement in Qlik projects
  • Not-for-profit. All sponsorship funds and other income are for event costs (venue and subsistence) and certain overheads (e.g. web hosting) only. No direct financial benefit for directors or leaders
  • Agenda items submitted for consideration by anyone and everyone!
  • Independence from Qlik or any partner.

Upcoming Events Around the World

Scheduled events coming up! Register on the region's home page (use the main menu).
Rio Evento 2
Segundo evento Rio - QlikDevGroup
Helsinki Event 8
September/October (TBD) -2018;Helsinki
Helsinki Event 7
2nd May -2018;Helsinki
Glasgow Event 2
23rd March 2018
Germany Event 5
2018-05-22; Nu Lounge, Otl-Aicher-Straße 70, D-80807 München / Parkstadt Schwabing
Atlanta Event 8
Thursday, March 15th 5:30-8:30PM Google Fiber Space 650 North Ave NE #S205 Atlanta, GA 30308

Boas Vindas

Boas Vindas e Networking……
Marcelo Moniz

IoT e Big Data

IoT e Big Data

Coffe break

Set Analysis / Alternate state

Set Analysis / Alternate state
Alessandro Furtado

Arrivals – Saapuminen

Phuoc Tran Minh
Ville Airo
Tommi Nyberg
Mika Ahtinen

Introduction and Sponsors

Phuoc Tran Minh
Ville Airo
Tommi Nyberg
Mika Ahtinen






Welcome to Glasgow – Event 2

A welcome from QDG Glasgow to a new venue and a very different type of event than we are used to…
Brian Booden

QDG Presents Dining With Donald

QDG is delighted to give our attendees the opportunity to attend an exclusive Private Dining experience in Glasgow with leading Business Intelligence Visionary Donald Farmer. Donald Farmer is the Principal...
Read More
Donald Farmer


Konrad Mattheis
Ralf Becher

Pause – Getränke und gute Gespräche

Picasso.js Widget

Thomas Hänig

Essen und Get Together – Ausklang des Abends und Networking

Meet and Greet

Food, Drinks, and Networking. Sponsors: IPC Global & Qlik
Claudia Scott

Data Literacy: Data Signals vs. Noise

Learn how to help business users understand the difference between data signals and noise. Learn how to visualize signals more easily in Qlik and improve data literacy in your organization.
Karl Pover

Qlik Sense Developer Bootcamp for QlikView Developers

Qlik Sense gives us who have worked for years with QlikView an awesome opportunity to take our skills to the next level and build visualizations and dashboards that we could...
Read More
Karl Pover

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Without these guys we'd be doing it on the street and going hungry...Thank You!


From the beginning, Qlik have greatly supported the Dev Group, whilst respecting our independence. They have so far sponsored 3 events.

KT Labs

Agile planning and actionable analytics for your Qlik platform.  KT Labs delivers a new agile and disruptive approach to the worlds of Corporate Performance Management and Actionable Analytics.


Evolcon is an innovative powerhouse that helps companies change the way they interact with data in order to
create actionable insights that derive in real business value. Our mission: Create data-driven companies.


A Qlik consultancy offering expertise all over the country, Ometis sponsored event 3 in London. The competition to win a quadcopter went down a storm!


Alteryx aim to make life easier for all Qlik developers with their drag-and-drop data loading interface. They showcased themselves and their product by sponsoring Event 4 in London.


A recruitment consultancy focusing deeply on client needs. Modis were secondary sponsors for Event 3 in London.


Application Lifecycle Management for Qlik software. In4BI sponsored the first Amsterdam event.


With 150 reseller partners worldwide, Business Geografic has established a world leadership in Geo-Reporting, Geo-Analytics and Location Intelligence. GeoQlik co-sponsored Event 1 in Amsterdam.


Tried and tested in data, GIS and BI. With thier business intelligence applications, organizations have the right tools to ask questions, get answers and achieve goals. HippoLine are particularly specialized in the financial markets and healthcare.


Bar sponsors for the first Copenhagen event.

TIQ Solutions GmbH

TIQ Solutions offers methodological and technical consulting services for quality-assured data management. We support our clients from the initial needs analysis to full implementation in the areas of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics.

Akquinet AG

Akquinet is a quality driven end-to-end IT service provider with more than 600 employees mainly operating from Hamburg, Germany. The Business Intelligence (BI) delivers everything for QLIK and especially the new Qlik Sense Platform .

Evolvit Oy

Finnish Qlik partner
Sponsor for first ever QDG Helsinki event


Europe's Largest Qlik Partner
Creating Intelligent Business


Bar sponsor for the first Malmö event


Finnish Qlik partner
Sponsor since first ever QDG Helsinki event


Global Company that provides BI services in the cloud
Sponsor for first ever QDG Chile event


Consulting Services
Secondary Sponsor for first ever QDG Chile event
Data IQ - Qlik Master Reseller

Data IQ

Qlik Master reseller for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
Sponsor for the first ever Buenos Aires event


Idevio provides maps and geographic services, including map extensions for Qlik.
Sponsor for Edinburgh Session 2


A Qlik consultancy offering implementation services in Mexico and US. Derevo sponsored event 2 in Mexico.

Websy Ltd

Spreading the Word of the Qlik APIs


Finnish Qlik partner
Sponsor for 3rd QDG Helsinki event


Fully-supported, wow-factor extensions for Qlik Sense

Leave your Qlik Sense comfort zone and discover how much MORE you can do. 
Be part of our 3-day trip to Qlik Sense’ deepest depths.
We are your perfect tour guides:
Sense Deep Dive

Visualise and tell a meaningful story with your data
Catalyst IT Solutions

Cubiq Analytics

Finnish Qlik partner
Sponsor in QDG Helsinki event 6th