The Qlik Dev Group is now closed

The Qlik Dev Group is now closed.

We started the Qlik Dev Group because Qlik weren’t doing anything much for the developers who had to make it all work! However now there is so much on offer from Qlik with Qlik Branch, Qlik Meetups (to name just two!) that we don’t need to be around any longer – which is GREAT!

The Qlik Dev Group was a fabulous success story Рspreading fast to dozens of countries with thousands of attendees to free events over 4+ years, plus an awesome paid event in London Рthe QDG Guru Day. We had a blast and are proud that we may have helped Qlik realise the burning need for better developer engagement, to which they have responded wonderfully.

So, thank you all so much for your support – we had a complete blast and hope you did too.

Keep Qlik-ing!

Jason, Matt and Rich.